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Limp vellum binding. Bits of alum tawed ties at fore edge. Hand written spine label. Housed in black slip case.

Signed by John Smythe. Signed by Sir William Goring.

Marginalia on back cover paste down from a third reader.

Illustration on…

Limp vellum binding. First three supports intact; the fourth is still present, but broken. Holes at the fore edge where ties would have been. Manuscript spine label: Armory newe. Green spine label from previous owner.

Bookplate of Charles Lord…

Limp vellum binding with alum tawed supports and a yapp at the fore edge. Bits of fore edge alum tawed ties remain. Handwritten spine label. Housed in clamshell box with restraining piece.

Limp vellum binding. Handwritten spine label reads: Lawyers Logick.

Bookseller's note placed inside the book: "An exceedingly tall copy in its original binding. There is a slight stain on the extreme lower margin. A book of great interest to the…

Signatures: [par.]-2[par.]⁸ A² B-2C⁸ 2D⁴.

Limp vellum binding with manuscript spine label. Leather laces have broken off the text block, but are still inside the cover. Housed in black slip case.
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