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Limp vellum binding. First three supports intact; the fourth is still present, but broken. Holes at the fore edge where ties would have been. Manuscript spine label: Armory newe. Green spine label from previous owner.

Bookplate of Charles Lord…

Limp vellum binding with alum tawed supports and a yapp at the fore edge. Bits of fore edge alum tawed ties remain. Handwritten spine label. Housed in clamshell box with restraining piece.

Limp vellum binding. Handwritten spine label reads: Lawyers Logick.

Bookseller's note placed inside the book: "An exceedingly tall copy in its original binding. There is a slight stain on the extreme lower margin. A book of great interest to the…

Signatures: [par.]-2[par.]⁸ A² B-2C⁸ 2D⁴.

Limp vellum binding with manuscript spine label. Leather laces have broken off the text block, but are still inside the cover. Housed in black slip case.
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